HAIR PROCEDURESAll prices are from:
Woman haircuts500 Kr
Men haircuts300 Kr
Hair cutting and drying600 Kr
Retiree lady haircut350 Kr
Retiree gentleman haircut250 Kr
Child girl haircut300 Kr
Child boy haircut200 Kr
Hair washing50 Kr
Hair washing and drying250 Kr
Stripes colouring600 Kr
Hair colouring600 Kr
Ombre hair colouring800 Kr
Wedding hairstyles800 Kr
Long hair hairstyles500 Kr
Keratin treatment with straightening effect1000 Kr
Classic eyelash extensions900 Kr
Classic eyelash addition600 Kr
Eyelash tinting200 Kr
2D 3D 6D volume eyelash extensions1000 Kr
2D 3D 6D volume eyelash addition600 Kr
Eyebrow tinting and shaping250 Kr
6D eyebrows microblading2900 Kr
6D eyebrows microblading correction 1500 Kr
Manicure250 Kr
Manicure with permanent polishing500 Kr
Removal of gel polish250 Kr
Nail extensions800 Kr
Nail extensions correction500 Kr
Removal of gel nails250 Kr
Pedicure600 Kr
Pedicure with permanent polishing800 Kr
Paraffin bath 350 Kr
Paraffin bath with manicure 400 Kr
Paraffin bath with pedicure 800 Kr